Google and Measuremap – lack of feedback

I’ve been using Measuremap blog reporting system for a while now and really like it. It’s laid out well and I like the way it gives me my information in just the right buckets. I;ve got Google analytics set up as well, but just does not feel as good for me. However, the performance over the last few weeks has been getting worse and worse, with information not being displaed at all. There’s a couple of comments on the help forums, with a promise of improved performance a month as they are increasing the resources, but nothing much happening.

When it fails (as it does a lot) it tells me to try again and then email google about the prpblem. So I finally have done. Usually when you do this you get at least a canned response back, acknowledging the mail but so far it’s been 48 hours and nothing back at all. Have google just bought up this nice resource for the engineers from Adaptive Path and now abandoned it? I want it back…GAnalytics is just far too, well, analytical!

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