Amanda Deboomed

Amanda Congdon has apparently left Rocketboom and from the sound of it is not too happy with the split. The main site just has archives and no current show. (Update – the Rocketboom site is currently showing a statement about Amadna wanting to move to LA to pursue other opportunities, a slightly different version to the one on her site. The truth – probably somewhere between the two?) An interesting decision – Amanda has a personal brand, ina way she is Rocketboom. If that programme continues and Amanda does her own thng, I’m guessing a lot of the audience will move with her and Rocketboom is going to lose a lot of brand equity.

One thought on “Amanda Deboomed

  1. As far as I am concerned, Amanda Congdon IS Rocketboom. I’ll follow her wherever she goes. Rocketboom is in the past for me.