Orbit gum, Snoop Dogg and Do Not Call

Updated…now I’ve put the password here! And the URL for the site is www.goodcleanfeeling.com

There’s a US campaign for Orbit Gum that involves a spokeswoman* suggesting that various characters clean up their mouths and language by using the gum. The latest version involves Snoop Dogg, beng sent to hell for using foul language in front of a bunch of schoolchildren.

A site you can happily spend a few moments on, looking at the videos (especially if a Snoop fan, with some of the behind the scenes stuff). There’s also a nice little tool – enter your (or any) number and either Snoop or one of the other characters will phone you and leave a message. In this way you can get a password to see a ‘hidden’ video with more background stuff. And the password is ‘fabulous’….but if you can take the phone call it’s fun 😉

Looking at the screen below, for all intents and purposes you are giving them your number only to make this call back to you as a one time event. They are not after your name or other identifying info. So imagine my surprise to hear at the end of the call the fact I need to press some buttons to go onto their Do Not Call list. I didn’t even know I was on the call list, there’s no indication that my number would be retained, I have not opted into anything that I could see…so why make me press 2 buttons on the phone to opt out? And do I opt out of everything – I may have wanted to be called by wrigley on another matter. This is very confusing. Looking at the privacy policy I think it was driven by the statement: “Such responses will include information on how to opt out from receiving further information or services” but it definitely needs more warning and more explanation as to why they are doing something to remove me from a list I did not believe I was being added to.


I was also surprised that there was a lack of product information…or even a link to the main product page. Instead, there’s just a flashy series of product images.

*Sometimes characters just cry out to be put into little advergames…I’d pay money to get this very annoying woman in a nice flash game I could shoot out all her nice shiny teeth and then whack her to the ground.

3 thoughts on “Orbit gum, Snoop Dogg and Do Not Call

  1. hey hey snoop dogg man i have all ur albums man, I think ur the best rapper there is and yo dogg was that reaLLY YOU TALKING TO ME ON THE PHONE man ur the best wel got to go

  2. I believe the Do Not Call list would be to prevent someone spamming you at 3am with Snoop Dogg clips.

  3. I’ve no problem with the Do not call list..the issue I have is that there was no indication I was being out on a call list by handing over my number, which is then implication given if they ask you to then opt out.