Football Weekend

Yea to England. A reasonable game, but nothing to get excited about. Beckham hit a cracker of a free kick, but the rest of the time too far off target. Not sure if the formation worked – Rooney was left too often with little to do. But Jo Cole remains my favourite player, he is continously hustling away a tthe ball and creating opportunities. Now the next match is on Saturday, so I need to make a travel decision…be in the US or the UK?

There were a number of virtual attendees at Bloggercon IV over the weekend (see the Frappr map). During one of the breaks, the conversation turned to football (not the only time the subject came up) and it was cool to see how many around the globe were watching the match (Mex vs Arg).

With Ghana beating the US, they now face Brazil. The odds of them beating that football superpower must be pretty low, but it does not stop the Ghanians celebrating now. This quote had me smiling..a viral text mesage that is apparently going round hte country: “After beating America, Ghana is now a superpower. Now we should get into nuclear enrichment!”

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