Mix06: Beyond Banner Advertising

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My first panel today was entitled ‘Beyond the Banner: Advertising on the Web and where it is going’. The panel comprised:

David Jakubowski – Microsoft (Facilitator)
Jason Rapp NYT
Ron Belanger – Yahoo
Jennifer Slegg – JenStar
Jed Nahum – Microsoft Adcentre
Jeff Lanctot – Avenue A
Bant Breeen Interpublic group

The quick answer, if you don’t want to read the rest of the post, is that the panel really don’t know where digital advertising is going but have a lot of ideas.

Key points:

  • tracking needs to be sorted. Currently, there is a tolerance of emerging opportunities and the lack of tracking but this will draw to a close and a method of measuring and reporting needs to be worked out.
  • need to address accountability and assess the difference between direct response marketing and branding
  • standardising the offers from the tech companies would be nice from teh advertisers perpsective, make it easier to manage and compare campaigns consistently, but the competition between them drives innovation and can show the way
  • Behavioural targeting does help with ads, but can be viewed with suspicion. It can get a bad press, but agregating tools do help in managing campaigns. One audience member even asked for more permission based spyware to show him relevant ads (ie he was from New Zealand..so it would be good to get ads that show him bargains in Las Vegas as he is here)
  • the solutions could be software (as envisioned by the tech companies)…need to build into platforms ways to deliver target ads.
  • the advertisers have to get the right balance between advertising and content. Recently the creative agencies have been poor in creative..to attract the desentisised pople need to increase the ads that are relevant, engaging and inviting.
  • a number of the advertisers in the audience asked questions about tracking viral/Word of mouth. There are agencies that do perception and feeling measurement and the advice was to start tracking before you try and do viral marketing. But is is critical that the brand stays honest – seeding discussions is not a smart move!
  • looking to get dynamic ads in podcasting and videoblogging to really drive this space.
  • mobile devices will be big! (errr…yep) there was some discusssion about video to mobile, 2D bar codes, event ticketing etc as being..although they are only really new to US..a dive to make the phone/mobile device a bridge across other platforms.

There was nothing new in this panel at all for me, but it was interesting to see the same questions keep coming up from yesterday (localisatiojn etc)- so there is more of a need to educate and inform about what is happening here for all the advertisers.


2 thoughts on “Mix06: Beyond Banner Advertising

  1. I think I was expecting some leading edge examples for this.

    For me, the online components can move more towards being ahub of advertising..sitting alongside the print and TV and otehr ads and acting as another layer. It’s not just search or what I would call ‘straight forward’ ads, but how interactive can add another layer – see a TV ad, get a URL and a text short code, get the next layer. I agree there is a lot of work needed ot be done on how to measure ROI, but the title of the panel led me to believe that there would be more exploration of waht could be done instead of the problems with what is there now.