Break Over

Over the last few days I’ve not been blogging…other things to do or not do. But today is the last full day in the US before I travel back tomorrow so it’s time to round things up a little.

I’ve been staying with Tara Hunt over the last few days and it’s been an intersting time, watching the reaction to the comments made on her recent series of posts about Pinko Marketing. There is a visceral reaction to the name and some of the political quotes that surprise me – but I’m not American and don’t have the same cultural background. A fine series of ideas, so go and read them all on the wiki, make up your own mind and contribute to the ideas.

It was one of the subjects bought up at today’s brunch, along with Barcamp, WineCamp and the odd Microssoft issue;, triggered by Ernie (the Attorney) and his partner Adriana being into town. Chris Messina, Robert Scoble and Patrick were all there as well.

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