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Shaun Inman : 10 Reasons Why You Need to Build an API

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What is an API: a documented means of interacting from one application to another. A successful one obscures the storage format and the retrieval process

Don’t change it – people rely on and you’ll annoy them

API = hole in the wall (ATM) – an interface with your bank
Who has an API – ‘everyone’

so why API???

1. Increase brand awareness. THe user cares what the API can be used for. Lots of people use it gives lots of brand exposure
2. Allows user to own their own data
3. Builds goodwill with developers – saves people having to do the same thing over and over
4. Perfect excuse for a community
5. Solving prgramming problems with an API in mind can improve code quality – clarify the mental model
6. Simpify the reuse of data
7. Allows others to extend the functionality of your application
8. Alternate input mechanismes – eg desktop software
9. Unanticipated applications for your data
10.Turn your programme into a platform. People build tools based on your API and it becomes a necessity.

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