Playful sites

Via Adverblog, a couple of very nice promotional sites that encourage you to play, before giving the company your precious email for them to continue their conversation with you.

The first is to create buzz for a new Australian men’s magazine (Explode) and lets you customise a car (‘Bling My bomb’)with all sorts of accessories, including the girl you want in the passenger seat. It’s a fun interface, perfect for wasting a few minutes at work. However, not too sure about going for Flash8; having only beenout a few weeks the penetration is not high so it introduces a huge barrier before people cannot get to the site. I’d love to see the drop off numbers.

The second is for MacDonald’s. In BBoyBattle, you pick a character and control their dance moves. No use without a fast connection, but slick and fun(but turn down the music which does get tedious.

One final one, Absolut have a addition to their poster campaign, with one advertsing the Beer Festival in Munich. I don’t think there’ll be much vodka on sale duringthe festival, but this is driven from their lifestyle targeting.

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