Round up 6 Sept

Yesterday was pretty much a write off with connectivity; to day a little better in that I have time to be in the pub and get connected. Far better than Starbucks! And tomorrow, it should get better at the rowing site. Currently, I need to hardwire connect and finding somewhere to sit that is close to a wire is too hard at times. But because of the need to broadcast video from the race startline to the spectators, to a place that is not networked, we’re getting wireless set up tomorrow. I got to go spend someone else’s money on kit, being despatched to the shop as one of the few people in the team who had time, and would recognise, what they need.

When I first started coming to this rowing loch, there were no hotels on site. By the time I left Scotland 5 years ago, one had been built at the top of the park; today, there’s a second hotel and a third just been built next to the pub. And the all appear to do pretty good business.

I go away for a week and Hugh and Ross Mayfield have a Wiki Wednesday. But there is an IRC channel that can be used. (link takes you straight there….) to link across the multiple cities.

Pete Blackshaw has 10 Simple Rules for dating a Blogger – although it can be also be read about dating a blog. There are such pearls as:
– be prepared to address addictions and tempatations
– don’t ignore the blogger’s buds.
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Jeff Clavier writes about Southern Comfort geting into some bother about online ads, with a tagline of “Born in New Orleans, where anything can happen”. Although this is an obvious issue, the globalisation of sites and the net make ensuring that your ads are appropriate for the market and for current worldwide situations makes monitoring more inportant. In my compnay, all ads are subject to a standard global check of content and then strciter local ones can be applied. A line that could be used in a UK version of the ad has to be cut from a US one. But ads that may typically appeal to a Latam market (which does use a *lot* of sex, we don’t use anywhere. YOu have to make an assumption that an ad in one market – whatever the format – can be seen anywhere.

An Australian court has ruled that Kazaa is urging its users to break copyright and orders them to put in place modifications to reduce pairacy. As with the US Grokster case, this ruling is geograpically limited, but points to a legal tendency – its not the ability to share in itself that is percieved as ‘wrong’ but any encouragement to break the law. However, any restriction put in place will also impact those who use such technology for legitimate sharing.

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