TV Ads are dead?

Hugh again challenges traditional marketing for big brands, but instead of suggesting ‘new media’ as an alterntive thinks there is no hope for such brands. In the multi-billion dollar suicide pact between clients and television and the earlier post about letting big media stay focused on what they think works why others just get on with it.

But its not going to be that simple. The clever brands already recognise the changing face of advertising; there are more and more reports about brands switching spend from TV to online. They’ll never entirely abandon TV ads, but there’s more and more integration. The fun will be in watching how many of them get it right and how many crash and burn.

One thought on “TV Ads are dead?

  1. I agree, some companies will do quite well in this brave new world of ours, others will crash and burn.

    My belief is that agencies will become more and more associated with the crash & burn crowd.