17 Aug Snippets

Been a bit busy over the last few days. The Gilry Geek Dinner yesterday was fun, Sarah did a great job of organising and has a round-up of the event. Today was interesting; most of it with no connectivity fromthe office due to a certain virus and then some noise on the job front that was not pleasing, so considering options.

Meanwhile, here’s some news that I’ve caught up on. Still got about 100 feeds to read :o(

  • Google provide us with a new take on maps – full of photos taken at the map position. It’s still static – next steps have to be dynamic ‘stills’ and then add video – so who;ll be first?
  • Blogger provide a plugin to allow you to blog direct from microsft Word, online and offline.
  • Google may be building a national US network of wireless links. Via Om Malik.
  • In the non-google news, Firefox pull in mainstream media with a download theme from HBO to promote the new series Rome (joint withthe BBC, so we should get it at some point)
  • Feedster provide a top 500 of blogs.
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