Apr 05

Meme Tracking

Reading through the blogroll, it’s interesting tracking the various ideas and topics as they flow. But if you join in the conversation half way though, how can you make sure you have the picture? One of the recent topics has been this very subject, and now there’s an answer – BlogPulse. Using key words, you can now track which blogs mentioned something first and the meme epidemiology. So you can follow trends, hot words and the full path of conversations. There’s other tools out there, from Technorati to Blogrunner, but BlogPulse comes with some cool analytical tools and is well worth a play.

Apr 04

Invites galore

Looking around yahoo360, I see that I have invites a plenty for the sharing (along with orkut and gmail…). Leave a comment if you want one.

And there’s quite a few others as well..whilst Jeremy Zawodny is way over his limit, there’s also this forum.

Mar 30

Hoax or not?

Is this a hoax, and April Fools stunt or something else.

A story over at Boing Boing about a IM-ing student requesting someone else to write their essay – and their oh-so-nearly saviour blogging the whole exchange and exposing her on the web and to her school could be real or could be a hoax – however, if an April Fool’s day funny, they’re definitely living in a completly different timezone ot the rest of us…it’s a least another 2 days until April 1 where I am.

Update: as Impied said, Boing Boing were calling it a hoax, but the latest response was it was not, but it was a blogging incident that grew far more than the author intended. But confusion still reigns. The latest is here.

Mar 20

Flickr bought by Yahoo

I’ve only been using the service for a few months and only just beginning to explore what it can offer, but can share both the feeling of congratulations offered plus the worries expressed in the comments on the FlickrBlog. I’ve used Yahoo photos as well as their other services and whilst good, I don’t find they have the straightforwardness of Flickr. So here’s hoping, as Jeremy Zawodny says, that this is the start of something good, an acceleration of the potential that is there.

I upgraded to Pro version last week so that I can increase the numbers of photos and the sets I have; I’m about to start loading up some of the high resolution images for sharing. Using such a great service was encouraging me to take more photos, and I’ve taken to carrying the camera everywhere. More images to come inthe future 😉

Mar 11

The Blogger’s Disco

Looking for my suggestion for the Blogger’s Disco, I asked my colleagues at work. I wish I could say that it took some debate, but no, they were straight in there with their choice – I’m in the Mood for Dancing, by the Nolan Sisters. They’re in the picture below…- I’m having nothing to do with it!

(However, I would be up there dancing along with them)

Jan 30

Somebody’s trying to tell me something?

I followed a recommendation from Joseph Scott and clicked on the related feeds link in Bloglines, to see which blogs it would relate to this one. I’d love to know what criteria they are basing it on, as the top 5 were all in Spanish and the rest of them all appeared to be related to churches, parish groups and theology discussions. May be it’s just because it is Sunday ;).

But now I go back to take another look and list some of them here and everything has disapeared, Bloglines can find no related feeds. Just blankness.

Jan 25


I forgot to add that one of the most important conversations could be the one you have with yourself over the long term on a blog. It’s a great place to explore ideas.

Jan 24

Another day, another conference!

After my listening in to the ‘Blojoucrecon’ on Friday and Saturday, I was planning on tuning into the Blog Business Summit this evening. But a late appearing irc feed means it’s far too late…what with the 8 hour time difference. So I’ll read the notes and try again tomorrow.

And to quote from Jon Garfunkel‘s comment below

I’m delighted that people have posted about what they got out of the conference– this will help the attendees communicate with you, and perhaps help the major news reports paint a more complete picture of what transpired.

To me, that’s what blogging is about – conversations. And allowing the wider broadcast of conferences facilitates this – let’s a far wider range of people comment and contribute to the debate. Links and trackbacks allow the initiation of conversations in ways that were not possible before.