LeWeb London: Scoble and Keen

A Debate: Andrew Keen, Internet Entrepreneur & Broadcaster vs. Robert Scoble, American blogger, technical evangelist, and author, Rackspace Managed by Milo


AK has written a book, with the thesis about oversharing, where public and private are indistinguishable, which destroying us as human beings.. Living in public, whittles away us as human beings
MY has seen a lot about RS, his home, his children etc. RS has 1.7m following him on G+ RS does not know if what he does is dangerous; it has brought so many good things happening. MY has asked if there was bad experiences. RS likes being met when out (not had anything at home yet). People bring things to him, he has had great experiences. MY says he has built his career on this
AK asks who is the real scoble. Is it derived from the public or is there a private scoble. If he lost the followers, then could be cultivate himself. RS says he was the same 10 years ago, would find the geek and find him He keeps somethings private, but there is an element of living online.

AK asks who would go as far in public. Not that many, RS says some people would get fired, he got invited to better to parties. RS says that the addictive nature of things, people drive and text, it is killing people. MY asks if the problems are more mundane, that people just waste time.. AK thinks it is more than that. that there is a bigger problem. AK says they sell personal data, RS says Facebook sells access to data. AK asks what is the difference

AK says social companies are treading on thin ice, people are getting wary. If you think you can make a fortune selling data, then you are in a surprise, as it is moving to privacy as the next big thing. THinks social has climaxed

RS disagrees. Many people are changing their behaviours in response to social.

MY asks AK about realtime etc..wrote a column. As Scoble says, it’s when your server knows your drink before you want. AK says that there is so much data that they know our social life. RS says that at the party last night he was handed champagne, he hates it, he has told the world he like Oban. He would have wanted that instead.

MY asks about if assuming that the internet knows what he likes…then you stop receiving things about other stuff. So the filter bubble. RS wants the filter to work for people, so they can filter things, that he says, So they only get what they want from him. AK says that with filter bubbles you only get your knowledge confirmed…and you will get this for your personal lives. AK says we are destroying serendipity. RS says no, he will get a new whisky offered. RS says you know new things through advertising.

AK asks about highlight…they can engineer serendipity. That is doing away with accident. AK thinks social media is doing away with social, it reflects only the person, not social interactions. MY asks how does it not get infuriating, with all these people after him

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