LeWeb London: Facebook

Christian Hernandez Gallardo, Director, Platform Partnerships, Facebook & Jamillah Knowles, UK Editor, The Next Web

When Facebook built. it did not intend to be a games platform, but partners worked on this. Partners bring along the ideas, FB provide tools and ways to get the idea out there. in EU there are pockets of activity, London, Berlin, Paris Istanbul etc. There are plenty of new startups trying to do things. There is lots of success of companies going global from EU basis. 50% of top gaming platforms on FB on EU.

There are no plans to let people build ‘inside’ Facebook. It’s a platform to be built on. Eg Instagram used it for identity and distribution. Use platform to build on and off with the API. YOu have to think of FB as a distribution, to push people to mobile app, HTML5 etc…

Music is inherently social. Deezer and Spotify are becoming the owners of this space. They are active on FB, they use it to acquire and retain new users. FB have killed some of the viral channels, people are building better social experiences. YOu have to build a fantastic product, focusing on social design, making sure there is the same experience across the channels

Yesterday, they announced about Olympics, they partnered with IOC. Launched a portal, a discovery point to connect with real voices of Olympics (eg athletes) Will be a social Olympics. Allows people to consume in their own way.

We do technology integration with media. Apps and integration. eg also working with Olympic broadcasters. They are a place where passion gets expressed. How do you capture that and build on it.

They are developing a programme for partner companies, they are trusted to work with FB., there are 200 companies worldwide helping people work on with FB. But the key area is mobile. We look to improve this, build app centre. They are working to try and get people add a social layer onto the apps, eg how would you do it with AirBnB,

Facebook is 8 years, old, no idea what it will be when his some is 13. The revolution has started, the layer is social, discovery etc, That will only get amplified

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