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A Press Release with reference to me


It was announced today that full service digital agency twentysix is launching a dedicated business unit to provide brands with much-needed support in the world of social media.

The new division, called twentysix social media, provides in-depth analysis of the social media landscape, strategies and plans for organisations to take advantage of this route to market and ways to build and maintain dialogue and brand interactions online.

It is headed by Rachel Clarke, head of social media, who joined twentysix after working for Diageo and JWT New York. Her expertise in social media is drawn from working with some of the world’s biggest brands as well as her own online presence through the Behind the Buzz and DigitalStuffing blogs.

Rachel comments: “ Many public and private sector organisations need to know more about how to best connect with customers through social media, whether networking sites, interest groups or the many others ways of receiving and distributing content and information. Currently, very few get it right first time.”

twentysix social media offers a range of services all of which cover every aspect of the online community and, crucially, allow brands to measure their success . These services include strategy and brand planning, campaign set up and monitoring through to asset creation, activity stream delivery and measurement.

Gail Dudleston, CEO of twentysix, adds: “This is a really exciting development for twentysix and complements our existing agency proposition. ‘Full service’ means covering every possible angle of digital communications and social media is a vital part of that equation. Having the expertise and knowledge in house is really important to us and our clients. A lot of clients and prospects have spoken with us about social media, underlining the need for a specialist division to handle it. We aim to deliver expert guidance across every part of the social media spectrum.”

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  1. Thank you very much Tom, appreciated. I’ll try never to be on your hitlist of social media gurus 😉

  2. As a consultant, I see the value of providing an online experience. Although social media is a great example of an interactive digital medium with real power, you have to know how to use it. For many small businesses, effectively navigating social media is largely about understanding Generation Y. Please see my review of Millennials as they relate to social media.

    Editor comment: Matt, as far as I’m aware (and forgive me, I’ve met a lot of people) I don’t know you. I’ve definitely never read your blog. What you came and did here, linking to some of your posts is pure spam. It has no reference to the post, on my personal blog, about me having a new role. I’ve removed your links. Please don’t do this again.

  3. At last – Your vast experience and knowledge is recognised. Congrats – well deserved.