BIF and William Herp

William Herp President and CEO, Linear Air

Herp is the president and CEO of Linear Air, a company offering private air travel to executives and families with superior and personalized service. Linear Air offers flexibility and convenience not offered from big name airlines. Herp is also an Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot.

  • I’ve thought about 3 questions- what do I do, how did I get here, what lessons are there,
  • Here’s a plane, the disruptive tech that I use. Cheaper to use and to run, engine innovation have allowed this
  • Industry, about 30billion dollars. Options for many to use
  • we have about 12k in database, have 6 aircraft, a 1000 customers in the NW North East
  • it started with an interest in aviation, became a pilot in the 90s, i discovered I was good at understanding how aviation works. i was able to convince myself there was an opportunity to create a new business model, with the disruptive technology,
  • around me I had a lot of great people who encouraged me, I put together a team of like-minded people. We are one of 3 companies who are well positioned to take advantage of this
  • My previous company, e-dialog, I started in 1996, around marketing in email. It is about a 250 person company (now for sale! RC: this was meant as a joke, sometimes typing direct leads me to miss this, sorry William:) )
  • So how did I get this way, ready to try all these things, I go all the way back to my early years, where I was encouraged to search out my interests and how they align with my talents. being encouraged to focus on these, that thinking big and looking for opps. The importance of team is great, finding people who think like you
  • lessons learnt, is to encourage young people, help people on their talents, focus on talents is often ignored. In reviews we often try and fix weaknesses instead of focusing on talents. Getting them to know that you often need a team to get things done, not always possible to get things done on your own

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