Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup has started and so has my task to find somewhere decent to watch it. It does not appear on the usual cable channels, it only seems to be on Setanta, something primarily found in pubs, even though the USA has a team that seems to do OK. So the challenge will be to find a nice pub, showing the rugby, not too crowded and that doesn’t switch over at the slighttest provacation to American Football. My first attempt is at Nelson Blue, a New Zealand place down near the Seaport. Good food, good staff and a mixed crowd of ex-pats and USians. But this will not have all the matches on, as Setanta seems to not to want to provide them with the matches, even though they want to spend the money. Apparently, the company is restricting supply in the city, to certain Irish bars!

After the first England game, I’m pretty sure they are not going to replicate the success of last time. There was no flare, little excitement. I vividly recall watching the final last time, getting up early and going round to the local bar, full of fans, for breakfast, the absolute joy of that last minute kick. The victory parade went past the office and so many people just left the building to cheer the team as they went along Oxford St, an exhilarating moment. Unless they get a lot, lot better over the next week or so, it won’t be repeated.

PS if you do want to watch the rugby in the US, Setanta seems to have the monopoly, so here’s their handy tool to find out which pubs may be playing the games.

3 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup

  1. Where do your loyalties lye, what about the football?? No only jokin, I to feel from yesterdays effort we are not going to go much further!!

  2. Just zeroed in on your blog form Dirsy site on the BBC. Would love to know where’s best in Manhattan to see the games, will find myself in NYC for the finals weekend at a wedding and don’t want to mis the action (or atmosphere).

  3. Brit’s in Minneapolis is the place to be. I’ll be the guy in the kilt at the Scotland games.
    4 years is too long for you English to be living off that win. There was no way you had the best team in the comp last time. Best kicker by a mile though, I’ll give you that.

    ‘moan Scotland (not likely to win either)