Meeting People

This week I got to meet up with zeroinfluencer, or David as he is more normally known as. I’d first come across him as part of the team behind Where are the Joneses? and then followed him on Twitter. When I saw he was popping across to New York, for the OMMA awards (they won by the way) I tool the opportunity to grab lunch. A great chat, where he proceeded to confound my brain with information theory and possibilities!

Next up was a CenterNetworks meetup, for drinks, food and a couple of presentations from Outbrain and Hakia (at least one write up to follow). A hole bunch of interesting people there. Finally, last night, was a Gawker drinks thingy..or at least Owen Thomas was in town and having a wee get together. Connected with a few people there and had a good time.

Update – corrected the spelling Where are the Joneses?

2 thoughts on “Meeting People

  1. thanks for spelling much for being able to transpose from a URL 10 characters to the left!