PSFK London Conference

Back in March, Piers organised a great one day conference, many of the sessions appear around here somewhere. In a couple of weeks time, the PSFK conference is set to repeat in London. Looking at the quality of people speaking, it’s well worth a trip. If I was around, I’d be looking forward to this lot the most:

  • Russel Davies, a marketingblogger I’ve been reading a while and would love the chance to meet.
  • Hugh Macleod. I’ve seen him talk a few times and he alays brings up something new.
  • Jeremy Ettinghausen, Penguin books. I’ve followed the blog they have and would love to hear if/how it changed them internally

The rest of the line up looks good, with some interesting agency representatives. Althugh clikcing through the links I always despair at advertising agency websites – I can never easily find out what they actually do, not link to the work as they are usually wrapped up in flash. I include my own agency site in this as well 🙁 Sometimes a simpler design with easy navigation is better.

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