The Day After

Sci Fi is running at 23 yo movie called The Day After, about the impact of an all out nuclear war between the USA and the USSR. The apartment i was in before this one still had the fallout shelter stickers in the basement, as a place the building residents would have to shelter, whilst waiting for the fallout to reduce. If anything actually survived the direct strike I’m sure New York was targeted for. However, with my shopping habits I’d unlikely to have the food or drink to survive,

Right… I think it’s time to find something more cheerful to watch. Where’s that YouTube Comedy list.

4 thoughts on “The Day After

  1. I lived in the Kansas City, greater metro area when that movie was filmed and aired. I was convinced the world was going to end in a cataclysmic ball of fire.

    About the same time “The Day After” aired on network TV, Orson Wells hosted a special about Nostradamus on HBO. Mr. Wells posited that, perhaps, Ayatollah Khomeini could be the third Anti-Christ and would launch nuclear weapons at New York.

    Corporate Media, doing their job to keep us terrified out of our wits so we don’t ask the really important questions that actually matter.

  2. I’ve been trying to remember the name of the British TV programme that left me in similar state of mind. It could be Threads but that was in 1984 which is later (therefore I’m older) than in my memory. I remember the fear anyway.

    Today we have 24 which seems to have no issue with nuclear, biological or chemical attacks for entertainment, ignoring the impact except for shock value and just rushing to the next climax and show end. Although my biggest frustration with that programme (US networks in general) is that not one single swear word is allowed to pass Bauer’s lips whatever the provocation yet it’s perfectly OK to go right ahead and torture people indiscriminately. A consequence of the ‘family values’ here – no swearing or sex but extreme violence is fine. And here I stop as this is one rant I can go on for a long time

  3. ooohhh…I see Threads is available on Google video. I could have a really post-apocalyptic day and watch that next. Follow that up with Galactica later and it may just turn me to more drink 🙁

  4. Yes it would be Threads – which IMO is much more gritty and realistic than “The Day After.” Quite frankly, every world leader should be locked in a room and forced to watch Threads once a year just to remind them of the power they have.