Spam Phone calls

I have a landline (or at least a VoIP version of one). The only people who have the number are may parents. And the phone company. Who seem to have no problem giving that number to all and sundry resulting in a multitude of spam calls. Which I thought was not allowed. And the do not call register takes a month before it start. At least I’ve had no-one trying to sell me double glazing, which is all I ever got in the UK; the spam calls here are far more variable.

2 thoughts on “Spam Phone calls

  1. Hey, I found your blog on the ORG. I have to ask: what’s double glazing? Cos I can think of such a broad spectrum of things/services that could possibly be…

    Hope you’re well. Xo.

  2. Double Glazing is a type of windows – 2 panes of glass for sound and heat insulation. In the UK, a Double Glazing salesman can be used as a stereotype of a pushy salesman. They use telesales a lot and for some reason that is the only spam calls I ever got (apart from my old college asking for money occasionally)