Loïc’s answer

Loïc has finally worked his way through the multitude of feedback around ‘his’ conference last week (I know it’s not just his but he is the face of it) and responded with a comprehensive and well thought out answer. Reading through his thought process for why he altered things and where he wants to go, breaking outside the box of a ‘blogging’ conference, I can understand what he was trying to do. Still don’t agree with his methods and he admits he made mistakes. But what he says he wanted to do and where he wanted to move towards is clear. Now. It was just not clear to many participants (nor speakers?) when they signed up; my guess is that the audience next year will be far different and may be more sympathetic towards the goals. But this year I’ve got friends who feel hard done by, who feel they have wasted precious money, so I can understand their reaction as well.

Update: Ewan’s response (He was a speaker).

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