OfficeMax Tul Pens – an interactive campaign

BL Ochman has been interacting with OfficeMax and their new line of Tul Pens. At first glance, it looked like a compnay had taken it so far, but not all the way, constrained in part by logistics, costs and legal. But the response back to her shows that this company if more on the ball than most and has probably put in place the time and budget to interact directly with the commenters and looking for references on Technorati does confirm that they are going out and interacting.

The campaign will analyse your handwriting via print insert postcards that you send in or from a series of questions on the website. The video reply back is excellently put together, very smooth – and funny. Well worth a look.


3 thoughts on “OfficeMax Tul Pens – an interactive campaign

  1. Even though Dr. A. is hilarious, the campaign is not taking advantage of social media tools or building community. Too bad, because he’s a terrific comic

  2. BL – I agree with you on this but he is (or the company at least) making more of an effort that many I’ve seen or tried to convince to do something.

    Gerard – thanks for stopping by. I need to go and find some of your pens now to try them out.

    And sorry for not publishing comments – had a little trouble witht he server and they never came through.