The Grudge Game

I’ve gone and joined a variety of Chinwag mailing groups, one of which is used to announce various ‘virals’ to the world. Perfect fodder for posts.

So the first one to discuss is ‘The Cursed Room‘, a ame in the style of the Crimson Room to support the release of The Grudge 2 (and I keep writing that as grunge). According to the mail..’it’s gone ballistic’ (although 20 posts on Technorati and 10 google links is not necessarily indicative of viral buzz, maybe these exclusives are driving a lot of traffic?)

My first impression is the long load and then the tinyness of the playing area – it’s not conducive to actually seeing things


But once you get over that the game is actually quite good fun, if you like them (and I do). I’m just normally very bad at them, so the forums that have been set up are quite helpful to work out where to click and how to combine the elements. This one is a hit for me.

Except for the fact that actually, I have no idea what the film or product is about and I’m still not that interested – I’m just playing the game. So I think may be not so much of a hot for the product

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