Snippets 4 April

The Chevy Tahoe make your own ad competition, menetioned previously, has got a fair bit of coverage since the weekend. THere appears to be pver 500 posts discussing it, and on a random flick through the links it looks like the majority of the blog comments are negative. But, from CNet

The contest is a success as a marketing campaign, according to Melisa Tezanos, a GM spokeswoman. Consumers have submitted more than 21,000 ads and have e-mailed commercials over 40,000 times, she said. has generated 2.4 million page views, and the average visit to the site lasts more than 9 minutes. The company anticipated before launching the contest that it may see some negative ads, but Tezanos noted that more than 80 percent of the commercials depict the Tahoe in a favorable light.


It looks like they are leaving the ads up there, but are they going to just gloss over the negativity (as that quote implies) because of the small numbers or actually take heed?

Second Life presentations: PSFK have put up the slides from a recent presentation into Second life. Exploring current trends, a good look at where things are happening – well worth a visit.

Popurls is another aggregator, this time an aggregator of aggregators. A couple more levels of this and I’ll only ever need to read 1 piece per day.

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