Riya Recognition

One of the good people I met in Paris was Tara Hunt, who is working with Ojos on Riya, a face recognition programme. This got some love from The Times on Wednesday. In conversation it was good to see that the company is trying to address privacy concerns, in that I may not want photos with myself in tagged with my identity. It was interesting to hear that many of the concerns that the company had received were from Europe, indicating a different perception of privacy.

One thought on “Riya Recognition

  1. Well, we in Europe are still more used to having rights and care about having them?

    I know that many people have no clue how easily data can be mined, and having a company like Riya identifying pictures of me on the net would not be something I really want.

    On a second note, without having seen their “privacy” terms: They are a US based company, which means (if I am not totally mistaken, but I don’t think I am) that they by default have restrictions from the goverment and / or automatically have weaker protection against data mining from state side.

    While I find the concept a great idea it as usual is the problem with the bad guys misusing these kind of systems …