Nerobucks – what’s out favourite coffee?

Occasionally, it becomes necessary to go outside of work and get coffee from one of the many local coffee shops, forgoing the inhouse brand whose only real attraction is that is free and ocntains caffeine. The choice is usually Starbucks. Yesterday, we tried something different and ran a taste test between Starbucks and Cafe Nero. So 2 pruchasers went out and returned with samples of standard skinny latte which was poured out into plain cups, ready for hte blind tasting.

The results were mixed; 2 out of the 5 preferred the Starbucks, which for the rest of us was too milky. The Cafe Nero one had a more coffee taste, although the criticism was that as a latte it should have a more milky taste. However, we all agreed that the best tase was from when we mixed the two samples together to finish them – so we’re calling for a new drink. Bring on the Nerobucks..

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