Talk Like a Pirate

It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so you’re supposed to talk like a pirate all day – like this Savage Chickens cartoon. However, I subscribe to the theory that not all pirates were linguistically challenged and will continue to talk (and type) normally…;o).

Update…Cap’n Scaramouch comments about me not getting into the spirit of this. He may be right, but I tried, I tried but it just does not work. I obviously did not watch all the right Errol Flynn movies in all their reriuns- and I did not notice Johnnie Depp talking this way…

One thought on “Talk Like a Pirate

  1. Ahargh, lassie, the Cap’n thinks ye not in tha spirit o’ tha’ thing. Splice the mainbrace and avast ye, landlubber, or I’ll keelhaul the lot o’ ya. I be blogging in the vernacula’ till the sun sets o’er Davey Jones Locker. Ahargh.