One Note

I went to purchase OneNote today for my Tablet; I’ve been using the trial version for the last few months and decided i would buy it. But Microsoft won’t let me – because I am not in the US/Canada I cannot purchase on line direct from but have to a different vendor. And all I want is a 25 digit code to activate the version I downloaded from Microsoft. There’s no shipping, they don’t have to put overseas stamps on a parcel, they just need to send me an email. It’s very short sighted and adds a bbarrier; when there is code to download let me buy it.

2 thoughts on “One Note

  1. welcome to the “onenote and the registration code issues …” I ordered mine on ebay, got a cd and a code, but buying it online would probably make even more sense.

    Too bad you don’t have a key, we could have tried shared sessions tomorow and make our own version of subetha on the conference. 😉

  2. Hi Rachel

    I have a legal copy of OneNote that I won in a microsoft competition. If you want to have it, let me know and you can just pay for the shipping. 🙂