News Snippets

A few thngs in the news caught my eye today.

Scientists can read minds
. Or at least work out, after a lot of practice, which of two pictures the brain is looking at, or where about in a film the subject has reached. The BBC report on 2 papers that have been published, indicating that brain wave patterns/activities are different depending on what we are watching and more importantly, they now have the tools to measure it.

Sub gets rescued. This time, help was called in earlier enough and the Russians were able to rescue the crew of the lost sub; everyone appeared to be OK.

Robin Cook dies. At the young age of 59, Robin Cook dies after hiking in the mountains. This caught my attention as Cook is the one politician I have actually seen in person (although I could have seen a lot more and never recognised them). He was sitting on a Tube, politely dealing with tbe 2 or 3 people who came up to him thanking hime for his stance on the Iraq war. He always seemed one of the more sensible and principled politicians.

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