By general consensus, it’s Blog Day, so here’s a few blogs I read and like, in no particular order.

Josie Fraser’s A Girl and A Gun – one of three blogs she runs, this one focuses on movie reviews.

Podchef Show: a podcasting chef who runs a blog and has great Flickr Food photos

Billy Mernit’s Living the Romantic Comedy. Story telling that you just have to keep going back to.

Thinker’s Room – M from Kenya who has a lovely line in satire.

And I have to throw in Global Voices as a key stepping off point into lots more different viewpoints.

I’ve deliberately avoided what i call my ‘regulars’ -these are the ones the when I’m short of time I read first, a combination of sites of differnet genres and people I know. ! Im planning to put these in a site blogroll in the next few weeks but they’re always on Bloglines.

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