MIT Survey results

If you took part inthe MIT Blogging survey, then you can access the results here. One of the extremely interesting stats is that 62% of the surveyees to date are female. Given recent debate in the blogosphere about gender, I find this slightly surprising. I’d love to know how the meme spread and the main platforms the bloggers are on – that does not appear to be available in the results.

I would not be surprised if many of the results came from users of online blogging tools, such as Livejournal or Blogger; a quick review of the results from Blogpulse seems to give that indication. the lower barrier of entry to these tools would attract a higher proportion of women than would be found running systems that have to install. Once the meme got loose in this population, it would spread to more women as a consequence of the higher proportions. Hopefully, some kind of analysis of the meme epidemiology could be included in the final results.

Here’s the Blogpulse trend graph showing the spread of the term ‘MIT Weblog Survey’. The track of the term can be found here


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