New Tablet

Despite having the new laptop for nearly a week, I’ve not had much chance to do much with it as not been able to set it up correctly. I’ve been out and about late, so have not had internet access (whilst awake enough!) If I was one to name my PCs I’d call it Kitty, or something like that – my mother booted it up and the first thing she said was it purred; the fan is the first thing that kicks off when starting it. So it’s been updated with all the patches and I’ve been installing software. I worked out the licensing on MS Office allows me to to load on both desktop and laptop, so went to find the CDs – and found that for some reason I have 3 copies of Word. No idea where I got them from, but don’t think I need to worry about running out of copies.

Now the appropriate software is there, I can start to give it a test run in Copenhagen at Reboot later in the week.

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