Cookery Chemistry

I found out today that Jamie Oliver has a blog as part of his brand website (the brand being Jamie). I see some the potential for some great synergy by getting him together with the Chef Neal over at Podchef Show, who puts up Flickr images of the different stages of making his recipes (like this one – mmmm…chocolate).

Then again, every 4th image would most likely be an ad for a certain British Supermarket.

One thought on “Cookery Chemistry

  1. Hey, thanks for the mention!

    Love to pull together something with Jamie–pukka! The flickr thing is a great way to express the food being Gastrocast about in my podcast, but it is also a challenge for me because I am not a food stylist. My food is not faked or treated. This is a cookery book unfolding as it happens. Sure, I’m sticking to simple stuff at the moment, and classics but that is how I think people really cook. I watch Naked Chef and Oliver’s Twist and gain inspiration and every now and then will make something I see verbatim. But the main reason I watch is to have a springboard to other things. Besides It’s all flash and rockn’roll and beautiful people and one can never have enough of that. . . .
    If I could get that British Supermarket to sponser every 4th image on my show, I would–but only if they didn’t interfear with everything else I’ve got going on. Perhaps I should talk to the manager at my local Mega Mart where I buy the Gastrocast ingredients. . . .Naw, I’m much too outspoken for mainstream marketing. . . .

    Hope you are enjoying the shows and keep subscribed for more kitchen mayhem!