Tokyo Day 1

Tokyo - Day 1 - Senso-Ji

After landing in Tokyo this morning, I can say that the extra money spent on flying Premium Economy was well worth it. I got some sleep (thanks to super-duper earplugs that managed to block out most of the crying and screaming baby) plus enough room to get comfortable.

It was an easy trip into town to the hotel, thanks to the clear instructions from Inside Japan, the organisers of the self-guided tour. We arrived to find our welcome pack, our final set of train tickets and a lovely set of chopsticks.

I then managed to get out for a run, thinking that was a good a way as any of staving off the need for a nap. Then we headed for the shrine of Senso-Ji, which is about 10 minutes from us for a quick wander round. A street of market stalls led up to the shrine, which was packed with people.

Purifying themselves – left hand, right hand, wash out the mouth.

Tokyo - Day 1 - Senso-Ji

Wafting Incense at themselves. They could buy the sticks for 100Y, light them then add to the heap. The man kept them all together and kepta decent fire going.

Tokyo - Day 1 - Senso-Ji

Telling their fortunes – at least, this is what i think they were doing. They shook a box to select a marker, which directed them to a draw with sheets of paper. The paper told them something – loads of people were photographing them – then they twisted them up and tied them to the rods

Tokyo - Day 1 - Senso-Ji

A quick bite to eat and now back at the hotel.I’m trying to stay awake, Sofia has succumbed to sleep – she got very little on the plane.

That’s it for day 1 really. we’ve got a lot more planned for the next 3 days!

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