January Update

January is over, we’re 1/12 of the way through the year, so time for a monthly update.

Gym: I’ve finally activated my corporate gym membership, going consistently through the month, so much so that I’ve unlocked the Gym Rat badge on Foursqure ;-). I’ve been doing a combination of classes and running on treadmills.

New Cities: None this month. However, I’ve decided to extend that ambition to new things. To that extent, I’ve visited Chiswick House for the first time, which, considering it’s just round the corner from me is pretty sad. I also took part in the Walk London walks. They had a special weekend promotion, with lots of guided walks happening, so I did the Wimbledon to Richmond one, all 7.5 miles of it.

Wimbledon to Richmond

Other activities include attending a talk on Taking Video Games Seriously, organised by Tom Watson and attending a Quest TV pub quiz, particularly beneficial as I won a Wii (for doing some really embarrassing pub dancing).

Finally, I attended the gathering of photographers in Trafalgar Square, protesting that we’re photographers, not terrorists. All in all, a good month.

I'm a Photographer, not a Terrorist

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