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It’s that time of the year again – the time when if you are off to SXSW in Austin next March, you need to consider what you want to see. The Panel Picker is open for business for the next 3 weeks. This year you can also vote for Film and Music panels.

Your vote does count, at least for 30% of the decision, with the rest of it coming from the staff and from the advisory board. So take your time and peruse the 2218 panels, adding your voice to next years programming. There’s a lot there, so you’re sure to find something you like.

In 2008, I put together a panel about games, stories and brands. For next year, I thought I’d try something different. It’s a little difficult putting things together 7 months in advance, as you’re never sure what will be relevant, but I think this could be interesting.

Exciting your Audience with Appointment Social Media

With increased ability of real-time search, it’s easier than ever for fans and followers to find each other and interact around TV shows (American Idol), conferences, sports (Nascar) and even Eurovision, with spontaneous formation of ‘communities’ engaging around the event. We provide case studies and tips for Appointment Social Media

It’s all about joining in a global or national conversation around a single point in time, a shared experience whether it’s a regular TV programme or a one off event. It’s about how the creators and organisers can facilitate or join in, adding extra value.

Joining me, subject to the usual conditions should be:

  • Ewan Spence. A well known face around the conference, easily recognisable in his kilt; Ewan brings his experience of social media broadcasting from Moscow with his Eurovision commentary.
  • Jo Twist. Jo, brings her experience from the BBC in using the channels to support broadcasts and connect with fans.
  • Robert Scoble brings his experience of on always online life, especially around conferences where he often streams live video and commentary.

If you like what you see, we’d love your vote, so please head over. Cheers.

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