Sky – How to annoy customers

I’ve been lucky this year in that I’ve had a Sky subscription through a friend which was part of an offer, so I pay nothing this year. I’ve never felt the need to get additional channels or pay a TV monthly subscription, so this was really an experiment to see how I liked it. And it’s been good, I’ve added a couple of programmes to my watch list and the Sky+ box works well (although not as nicely as my Tivo).

However, I have a HD TV so thought about upgrading to the HD box and service. This is when I run into the problem – if I upgrade I lose the other deal. So instead of paying £9.75 for the next few months, I have to pay the full £30 or so. Which is completely ridiculous. The service is good enough for me to consider upgrading, which means they’re going to keep me after the initial year’s end but they put this barrier up, which means I will now consider alternatives. Silly short term thinking, not long term lifetime value thinking.

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