Books September 08

More Library, more scifi.

Cosmonaut Keep Ken Macleod. another story of humans out there creating new worlds. Great story, approached from different angles until you put the whole tale together at the end about using alien tech to build new ships and bestow immortality.
Revelation Space Alastair Reynolds. Took me a couple of goes to get into this, but once there, enjoyable character story and a take on the Fermi Paradox.
The Queen’s Fool, Philippa Gregory. I like historical fiction, and Philippa writes some of the best. Form the POV of a fictional fool, you see the years 1553-1558 as the children of Henry VIII contend for the thrones.
The Sky Road, Ken MacLeod. Another story of humans in the future, with 2 stories of different times gradually coming together, so you realise how the one world make the next. This one is all set on Earth and includes ‘magic’.
War for the Oaks, Emma Bull. Another free TOR book, it got strong recommendations in the comment thread of the post announcing the download. I can see why, I devoured it in a few hours. Modern fantasy.
Smoke and Mirrors, Neil Gaiman. A re-reading, still love it. Except for the poems, I never getinto narrative poems.
The Favoured Child, Philippa Gregory. Not one of her Tudor series, but more of a straight-forward historical romance.. Finished it, but ended up skimming a lot, not as good as some of the others.
The Execution Channel Ken Macleod. One of the few books I ever remember being advertised on TV, finally managed to read it. A thriller with strong sci-fi elements, really good read.
Conspirancy of Violence Susanna Gregory. Historical Thriller, with slightly incompetent guy solving crimes in Restoration England. This is the start of a series and I’m not sure I could take the number of co-incidences required for this plot across a number of books, but I’ll look out for the next one.
Prince of Dogs Kate Elliot. Part 2 and I got through this very quickly again. Good characters and writing for fantasy.

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