The Future of Newspapers

Kevin Anderson was speaking on a panel the other day about The Future of Newspapers. Regardless of what else is happening in the industry, if they keep doing things like this, I’m not sure they deserve a future.

NML had a conversation with a Daily Mail reporter, which turned into an article about how she, and many other women, are turning to ‘e-venge’ to get their own back on men. From her perspective, that is not what she was interviewed about, furthermore, they proceeded to make a lot of mistakes in what they did write.

But Natalie does have her own blog and in this case, can correct the 26 inaccuracies she sees in the article. Zoe also wrote about the Daily Mail in a Guardian piece and their attitude to content on the web:

“We generally take the view that blogs published on the internet have already been placed in the public domain by their authors and, in case of amateur writers, most people are happy to have their work recognised and displayed to a wider audience.”

Jounalists need to understand copyright, when they can use stuff and how they can use it. They also need to realise that people can challenge what they are doing using the same tools they are misquoting.

3 thoughts on “The Future of Newspapers

  1. Rachel, thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful post of support. I apologise for the commenter above. This is my cyberstalker who I have an ASBO protecting me from. She has taken advantage of the Daily Mail problem and decided to breach her ASBO and comment on every blog that wrote a post of support.

  2. NML,

    I’ve finally got to a computer today and I was going to challenge the first comment. Whilst i’m happy for debate to take place, i’m not happy for statements that are not backed up with some attempt at evidence. I’ll leave it there as you have commented in reply