Some 2008 Plans

Not really resolutions as they cover more than that, but here’s some of the things I want to do.


First up, find some new work. I know what I want to do – deliver transmedia experiences – but finding the right place could be a challenge.


Sort out the long term stuff. I need to do a little bit of planning and bring together all the bits and pieces. Plus some boring stuff like a will and all of that.


I’ve only got one bit of travel planned so far this year, and that’s conference based. I’ve not been on a ‘holiday’ since I went to Barbados, so I want to go somewhere to laze around and do scuba diving for a couple of weeks.


I’m off to SXSW, where I have a panel. Reboot and Gnomedex could also be on the agenda. I’d like to do at least one other speaking event this year.


I have to get the gym. Preferably to classes. So looking for a gym buddy in London for when I’m back down there.


I need to buy me a new TV. I had a Sharp Aquos in the US and quite liked that, but I’ll see what is in the shops at an affordable price once got the money together. I need to get a voltage transformer for the XBox and work my way through my games. I’m working through the Orange Box at the moment which will probably keep me occupied for a few months.


Behind the Buzz is going quite well, with traffic steadily increasing. I’ve got a few other blog possibilities, so we’ll see whether they pan out.

I think that is it for this planning session.

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