BIF and Juan Fernando Santos

Juan Fernando Santos

Chief Creative Officer, Studiocom (digital marketing agency)

Santos is the creative director for Studiocom, where his responsibilities include leadership for the design team, user experience concept creation and strategic consulting for highly engaging interactive experiences. Prior to joining Studiocom, Santos was the chief creative and technical officer for iKioskos Communications Corporation, a leading provider of Internet enabled public access kiosks in Latin America, and founding partner/creative director for Azurian, one of the largest new media design and consulting companies in Latin America. Santos holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The School of Visual Arts as well as studies in industrial engineering from Universidad de los Andes of Bogotá, Colombia.

  • ugc? cgm? both weird and nasty terms
  • I want to touch a little on the democratic publishing
  • the definition of publishing has changed.  At studiocom I tell stories about complex things that cannot be simplified
  • It started with the tools to create; desk top publishing,  It changed the world for a lot of people.  It made some things easy, it made some things standard
  • Desktop video changed things.  Amiga video, allowed a ‘TV studio on your desktop’
  • Now it is desktop everything
  • democratisation of the creation of content, we empower individuals to express themselves
  • we had tools to share.
  • But for a long time, you could only create, there was no successful way to share.  So technology helped there…the web
  • the definition of community has also changed…from people who live in a particular place and are usually linked by common interests to one where people exchange ideas through a network (but still people you ‘knew’) and now to just a people who exchange ideas via technology and networks.  the WOM factor, tech enhanced
  • if I want to find info on Fried Turkey then I use the web.  DP review was started b one person and is now a premier place for content on cameras.
  • you can write a book or a blog,  you can lifecache, record your life with images,
  • in my work I often have to answer brands who want to empower UGC…but I have to educate them with the legal issues.   They can sponsor places, they can do mediated content.  Mediated content is often done with a set of tools that are provided, gives an expected range of results.  
  • A mantra – every action, if shared, is content
  • look at relations as content, create points in the mesh, ie Facebook
  • as we understand the changing role of the individuals, it is a great way to innovation.  The network can provide sources of innovation,

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