BIF and Denise Nemchev

Denise Nemchev President, Stanley Fastening Systems

Nemchev is President of Stanley Bostitch, a Division of the Stanley Works. The Stanley Works is a worldwide supplier of tools, hardware and security solutions for professional, industrial, and consumer use. Stanley Bostitch is a $600M division of SWK headquartered out of East Greenwich, Rhode Island employing nearly 3,000 people world-wide. Stanley Bostitch is a full-line marketer and manufacturer of professional fastening tools and fasteners serving the global industrial, construction, home improvement, and office products users.

  • we started over 100 ago with an innovation,  with the stapler, the staple stick.  Bostitch.  They started in the book binding business.
  • they still are designing, innovating fasteners, tools, nail guns and the whole works,
  • thinking about the structure of the home, what is the base is a wood frame.  Nails keep them together and that is what I am going to talk to you  About innovating to prevent failures
  • Disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes.   The nail fails the house falls.
  • so how do you solve a problem like this? you cannot do it alone, we need collaboration  We worked with the Government, universities, other industries, such as the insurance industry.
  • now we understand more than most to how a house fails
  • in an earthquake, you get shear force, as the house rocks. with wind, you get shear and you get pull through, with the nails coming out of the wood.
  • the team came up with a disaster resistant fastener, the Hurriquake
  •  the nail withstands up to twice the wind and 50% more shear force
  • you get ridges on the bottom of the nail, and you get twists on the top, with a slightly bigger diameter than the hole.  It screws in  It holds together better.  they put more material where the shear happens to reduce breaking.
  • the nail head is 25% bigger and reduces the pull though. 
  • we are being recognised for the innovations, by Readers Digest, Popular Science.

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