Cargo Cult Activity

And I should shout out a bit more to Adam Tinworth, someone i shamelessly forgot to mention that I met at Blogher. I’d been reading Adams blog for a while, so when an English gentleman wondered up to the table where Ewan and I were sitting, there was a moment of name recognition when I suddenly realised who he was. We had a good time at the conference but for some reason I still have not blogged about it.

I should have, as I owe him for the Cargo Cult metaphor which I’ve used quite a few times

I described it as “cargo cult” blogging – knowing the form of what blogging should look like, and attempting to recreate it without understanding how it actually works. And that’s exactly what’s happening in many businesses right now. This doesn’t in any way excuse what they did, but it does, at least, explain it.

I love the metaphor and it describes exactly the attitude of many people who dabble in the space. They know they have to but don’t understand the whys and wherefores of it and so get into som3 horrible messes at times, such as the one between the magazine and Seth Godin. So next time I’m in London or he’s in New York, it would be good to catch up with him again.

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