24 Hours of Flickr

Flickr have announced a ‘day in the life of’ project. On 5th May, take your photos, send them to the group, map them, comment on them. Join in the fun and you may get your image published and featured in Flickr Events.

Flickr 24 hours

One of the things that Flickr is great at, one of its defining characteristics, is the community surrounding the application. And here’s yet a further example of how it embraces the people who enjoy the site and gets them to join in an event. Look at the responses to what else happens on 5 May, although no-one yet has mentioned that last year it was International No Pants day, (luckily in the US sense of the word meaning trousers). This year, it’s 4 May, pity as I think we could have done with some photos of that 😉

2 thoughts on “24 Hours of Flickr

  1. Ooops, sorry, it looks like the Flickr link needs you to be logged onto Flickr. It’s a general discussion about what other things are celebrated on 5 May, such as International Midwives Day, Cinco de Mayo etc.