SXSW – Production 2.0

Production 2.0

looking at how to make money from video blogging. I was 15minutes late to this..again and did not catch all the names. Some are in parentheses when I grabbed them)

Q: there a re growing pains, and you need to take time to focus on things.

A: it is worth it to pay a lawyer to stop being screwed. you don’t want to lose your brand have someone to own your content.

A; when they are trying to define new media is so tricky….’anything transmitted electronically’ needs to have a good eye.

Q: david, what have you come across to look out for?

A: David. it depends on where you start from? there are certain things you can do when you don’t need an extensive amount of help. once you reach a certain level of success you do need to start taking care, trademarks etc. companies will do ad sales networks that can turn your productions into profit. there;s a lot of competition out there, we made the decision to build own network sales early. we sat down and did the take a break and look at everything, to see if really viable.

Q: when do have a good level of viewership?

A: diggnation is most popular – 2 guys sitting in a couch drinking beer.cost is low. time and beer cost money. it comes down to keeping it simple. have enough to have a property with enough viewers that people want to reach your audience.

Q: you don’t need an need a promised audience.

A: if you have an blog or own notoriety you can use that to break the deal….

A: (baron) by having an individual sponsor to fund show, it’s compared to advertising. that is the most advantageous for the content producer, the audience and the sponsor. you can split it to being happy with what you have, or seeing the potential of where you want to be. but as it starts, it gives scoble and his audience a chance to be effective for seagate. the amount of time with one sponsor allows you to be close to them and get ot know them and also pick one that suits your audience. it;s a really good model for people. le;s say you don;t have a production company and are ready to make the step. so instead of going to do vs etc, if you can start a relationship with a single sponsor then you can focus.

Q: are we taking about personality as scoble is well known,

A: there’s a blog about raw food, sustainability..they got real big, real quick cos they were doing something that other were not.

Q: did you guys think of your audience first or the idea first.

A: (Ninja) we thought of ourselves first; we were frustrated,wanted to have control. there is a scaleability in terms of sponsorship; each instant needs a little exploration. need to see what is out there before making the decision. you can explore models. Keep the dialogue open with peers and audience

Q: what format do you think will break out?

A: if you create a show and there is enough people who want to watch your video on their device – you’ll make it in the format. People have their favourites.

Q: how many views does your blog get and when does a advertiser starts paying attention. what numbers do you need to do?

A: depends on what you are making and who the sponsor is? and what the subject is.
A: if you have niche topic, then you can go after the companies. depends on your target.
Q: do sponsors care about length?
A: convergence continues, length increases beyond the current favourite 5 mins etc.
A: (Baron) best way to make it a success is to focus on the show and make it as best you can be. it will stick out in the audience. most conversations are about how to make it better. even with all the business we are doing, still thinking about how to make rocketboom better, my number 1 thought.

Q: anyone tried a subscription model?
A: Baron – another thing we are going to try. Kotke tried last year. this hots one where I think this is going. no one has yet demonstrated how to leverage it in micropayments. About to try for donations. and to channel them into areas when they pay want to pay monthly fees.
A: I think Ze is doing it successfully. It;s pretty non-offensive.
A: on diggnation, we asked for donations. for rev3, we offer shows early to those who subscribe. there is revenue but not sustainable.
A: Baron – its takes testing and experimentation.
A: it;s incentives – not preventing people watching show entirely, but about giving back if they give to you.

Q: starting a tv network, for college cause audience. so how do you reconcile creating art for yourself and something for an audience.

A: art is for yourself, for an audience, you have to do some compromise.
A: none of us is doing something we are not passionate about.
A: a lot of people come into this as they want to produce stuff; if it is just for the money, may not be interesting for long.
A: but don’t be afraid tyo try things and fail.

Q: you all produce hi qual lo cost. do you want to become the jerry bruckheimer?
A: secretly, yes.
Q: was this an ambition before you got to videoblogging.
A: most on panel were yes and yes – want to increase production values, and be the jb.
A: i slowly increase quality through getting better equipment. but still looks to do things cheap as well. I’m getting to point when i start seeing what I need.

Q: when creating content, and had to bring people in, how did you handle the business side of it.
A: (barron) still not got into visit where had to give up equity. you can look at value in different ways, eg licence for many years; there are many ways to structure it and that is all about being creative etc. answers are there, you have to discover them

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