Superbowl and Prince

Whilst chatting with Ewan as we watch the Superbowl on different sides of the atlantic, we got to Prince and the half time show. Neither of us were impressed to say the least. But best quote of the night so far goes to Ewan about Prince’s ‘Nora Batty’ headscarf

it might be the wardrobe malfunction merkin

Although I think it needs to be lower if that is the case.

2 thoughts on “Superbowl and Prince

  1. If you like music and you like rock and roll, ya gotta love prince. He kicked, made the game look boring! All hail the prince!

  2. No comment on the game (it was my first time watching an American football game and I couldn’t tell if it was boring or not – but i much preferred the Ireland/Wales rugby match).

    I think we were disappointed in the performance that Prince put in – it could have been a lot better. But with 20 minutes and all that rain it must have been difficult.