The Orginal Social Networking

I’ve had this open in my tabs for a while but only now got round to blogging it – a critical look at the increase in social networking in 2006 and whether or not this is just a fad.

‘Community’ and ‘socialising’ have been huge in 2006 but the big question is how long they will last. Is this just a fad? Newspapers have filled pages with reports of so-called ‘pubs’ and ‘clubs’ where people are congregating to talk to each other. However, critics are quick to point out that their popularity is over-rated. “They are used only by teenagers,” said one expert. “What will these ‘pubs’ do when the teenagers move on to the next trend?”

It’s Shane Richmond’s take on socialising, on sharing random details with strangers and sharing all these baby photos. Fancy a laugh – then take a read.

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