Time Person of the Year

Is me. And you. And everyone who uses this wonderful piece of technology called the internet to share their opinions, life, creativity and just everyday stuff with the rest of the world. Even if you are just famous for 15 people and they are just family and friends you would see everyday, the medium and the tools that are being created allow you to do just so much more.

I liked the way they have put Mylar on the cover the print version, to reflect your image back at you. The ordered 6,965,000 pieces and it must have taken some doing to get that on the cover. They look atthe usual suspects, second life, the rise of always there media through digital cameras and cellphones, the change to democracy, Web2.0 and much more besides in a manner that does get to the human centre, whether that is good or bad. Take a look – well worth a read.

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