Five Things You Don’t Know Meme

Round and round the meme goes. Five Things you don’t know about me. SoloSEO has done a good job of tracking the initial spread of this. And now Tom has tagged me. So let’s see.

1. I’ve been knocked out twice in life. The first time was playing rugby at school and I hit the ground a little too hard. The second time was a little more serious, I came off a horse. Not too sure what happened but if the bruises were anything to go by I got well trodden on; the worst was fractured neck vertebrae which still give me trouble today.

2. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. My sister and I played games and learnt how to code in Basic. Which was the last time I touched code for 15 years until I learnt Smalltalk as part of an OU course.

3. I was quite sporty at school. My poor parents did a lot of ferrying around – I recall playing 5 different hockey games one weekend. I represented the county at hockey and also played basketball and tennis for the school.

4. I’m a qualified rowing coach. I started off as a cox and then decided it was far better to be in a launch with motor engine.

5. I collect teddy bears. Little cute ones. Here’s my latest.


Time to pass it along. I tag: Rachel, Lloyd, Lee, Ewan and Rick. From looking at the blogs, they’ve not answered this yet – but they could just be ignoring it.

7 thoughts on “Five Things You Don’t Know Meme

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  2. Your site is very pink 🙂
    I run a music community and blog called TunA the Day. It started as a hobby back in the summer, but we now have over 900 members and are aiming for 30,000 by the end of 2007. Lloyd is one of my panel of advisors.

  3. OK – 5 things about me

    1. I have a daughter called Daisy. She is 5 years old and the centre of my universe -ahhh!!!

    2. I used to be an actor, but gave it up after 10 years ‘coz I wanted a proper job 🙂

    3. I have worked in arts marketing and fundraising for the last 15 years.

    4. As well as running my music community I run a company called High, Wide & Handsome (

    5. I am neither High nor Handsome, but am certainly Wide

  4. I’ve been taking a look at TunATheDay after Lloyd twittered it (I think it was twitter, could have been his blog). Nice to see it growing slowly – hope you’re working Lloyd hard 😉

    You company looks interesting, doing some good things.

  5. I don’t think Lloyd ever works hard 🙂

    HW&H is great. I’ve been running it work nearly 4 years now, but music is my passion, which is why TunA the Day is taking up a lot of time at the mo. We launch the site proper at the end of Jan. There are lots of music blogs out there, but hopefully ours will be very different.